Making Fun of Sylvanas | Battlenet News Ep 72

For videos, audios, and all things CtR, join us online at Gizmo (Lords of the Storm, and John (Overwatch League Daily) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more! 10:55 - CtR Top 10 List 14:30 - Warcraft III updates! 20:30 - WoW: New from the alpha, Zandalari Troll Druid forms, Seething Shore Battleground, Duncan Jones talks Warcraft movie 39:40 - Get $30 off your first order at by using the code RAID30 41:00 - Heroes of the Storm: Voice chat, Dev Q&A, hero reworks, new skins and more 50:45 - Overwatch: Hero 27 (spoilers), hero changes and more 1:03:00 - Hearthstone: John's announcement, Year of the Raven changes, Casting contest! 1:12:00 - Outro Follow us on Twitter at or individually: Pat Krane - Gizmo - John -

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