Preparing for Battle | Ep 361: Classic WoW Plans and Prep, Mythic/LFR Updates, MDI recap and more!

This week, Pat and Thyst talk Classic, Battle for Azeroth, and more! 2:30 - Classic WoW: Name-ageddon, Classic server plans, PvP, questing and more 24:00 - BfA: Raiding updates, MDI (pros and cons) 37:45 - 8.2.5: Worgen animations, new models, more 51:00 - Overwatch (Sigma), Diablo III weirdness 57:30 - Blizzard Esports: OWL, SC2, Hearthstone, MDI Follow us on Twitter: Pat Krane - Thyst - WoW Classic Leveling Guide: Check out for more!

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