Heroes | Battlenet News Ep 105

For videos, audios, and all things CtR, join us online at http://converttoraid.com Pat Krane, Gizmo (Lords of the Storm), and Thyst (Lagging Balls) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more! 2:00 - HGC and Heroes updates and reactions 27:00 - WoW: Ion Hazzikostas Q&A: Mythic keys, patch note gaps, Heart of Azeroth for 8.2, Warfronts 47:15 - Winter Veil, Hivemind Mount, Vulpine Familiar, Horde and Alliance content 1:02:30 - Hearthstone: Rastakan's Rumble now live 1:05:00 - Overwatch: new cinematic ""Cookie Watch"" 1:07:45 - Final thoughts and outro Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/converttoraid or individually: Pat Krane - http://twitter.com/PatKrane Thyst - http://twitter.com/Thyst03 Gizmo - http://twitter.com/Gizmozord

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