Looking Forward to Our Future Past | Ep 360: Eternal Palace, Firelands, Classic WoW and more!

Pat Krane and Thyst talk about WoW, Classic and more! This week, Pat and Thyst are joined by Thorn from Lagging Balls to talk Classic, Battle for Azeroth, and more! Intro: Playing Unholy, raiding Eternal Palace 9:00 - Classic: Stress test, claiming characters, our plans 18:00 - BFA: Mythic progression updates, no Alliance clears, roadblock bosses 27:45 - 8.2.5 Patry Sync and RAF, Mounts, Character updates, more 42:45 - Firelands Timewalking, 15th Anniversary raids 55:30 - 9.0 ""Leaks"" posted 1:01:30 - The other games 1:03:30 - Blizzard Esports! 1:15:00 - Outro Follow us on Twitter: Pat Krane - http://twitter.com/PatKrane Thyst - http://twitter.com/Thyst03 Thorn - http://twitter.com/Thornbrow Check out http://converttoraid.com for more!

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