BenTHICC | Battlenet News Ep 125

Pat Krane, John Horstmann (Tactical Crouch), and Thorn (Lagging Balls) talk about WoW, Classic, and more! Intro: Thyst lands in Oz, John returns from Dreamhack, Thorn has Overwatch homework, Pat plays Classic 21:15 - What do we call current WoW? Ion Hazzikostas interview, Benthic gear preview, mount glut, much more patch 8.2 55:30 - Classic WoW: Beta updates, how will we play Classic? 1:06:30 - Why Classic is Better Than BfA (Discussion) 1:32:00 - Wrap Up: All the other games, eSports, outro Follow us on Twitter: Pat Krane - Thorn - John - Join us at for everything CTR! Helpful Links: Healing in Overwatch: Basilisk's Overwatch Performance Tracker: Get your VoDs reviewed: SVB's Simplified Series:

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