Press F | Ep. 379: Race to LA vs. Race to World First, Thyst's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and more

This week, Pat, Thyst, and Stats talk Ny'alotha, Patch 8.3 and more! Intro - Race to World First quick impressions 7:15 - The Race to LA (Thyst's big move) 15:00 - ANNOUNCEMENT and what it means for CTR going forward 25:30 - Race to World First, streams, bosses, more 41:00 - Charity Blade Refunds... and Warcraft III issues (and refunds) 50:30 - Esports! Hearthstone, OWL 55:00 - Outro, Goodbyes Follow us on Twitter: Pat Krane - Thyst - Stats - Check out for more!

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