Getting Raid Ready | Battlenet News Ep 94

For videos, audios, and all things CtR, join us online at Pat Krane, Thyst (Lagging Balls, Battlenet Sports), Sharku (Merely a Setback), and John Horstmann (Overwatch League Daily) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more! 3:40 - Experiences in BFA: War Mode, Gearing and more 17:45 - Gamescom rundown: Overwatch cinematic, Warbringers: Azshara and more 26:15 - WoW: Ion Hazzikostas appearances 31:30 - What to do at Level 120: Getting Raid Ready 55:15 - Overwatch: New cinematic coming, Doomfist statue, LEGO, and more 1:02:40 - Hearthstone: Solo play mode - Puzzle Lab 1:06:40 - Diablo III coming to Switch 1:08:30 - HotS: New hero! 1:10:30 - All about WoW 1:16:10 - Outro Follow us on Twitter at or individually: Pat Krane - Thyst - Sharku - John Horstmann -

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