Mr. Warcraft | Battlenet News Ep 127

Pat Krane and Thyst (Lagging Balls) talk about WoW, Classic, and more! Intro - Inside the MDI w/ Thyst, Pat decides what to play for Classic 14:00 - WoW: Mythic Crucible update, level squish survey 24:00 - Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 LIVE next week, developer video, Patch/Season timing, features, more 37:15 - Insights on gear rewards and class design 56:30 - Classic Crash Test - NA and Oceanic 1:06:30 - Overwatch: Baptiste Reunion Challenge, story, and more 1:11:30 - eSports watch: OWL, AWC, StarCraft, Hearthstone 1:19:00 - Outro Paragon Level Article: Follow us on Twitter: Pat Krane - Thyst - Join us at for everything CTR!

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