Where's 8.2? | Battlenet News Ep 126

Pat Krane, Sharku (Merely a Setback), and Thorn (Lagging Balls) talk about WoW, Classic, and more! Intro - Thyst at the MDI, Thorn plays games, Shark starts a new guild, AWC with no Rich Campbell 21:00 - RAF on Hiatus 27:00 - When is 8.2 Landing? How will BfA and Classic work together? 45:15 - Classic Talk... how far will they go? Pat's Paragon Levels Plan to ""Save"" WoW 57:45 - Iron Man in Classic? 1:10:00 - StarCraft offshoot cancelled, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, Destiny 2 leaving the Launcher, Heroes of the Storm update 1:20:45 - eSports quick look ahead 1:24:00 - Outro Follow us on Twitter: Pat Krane - http://twitter.com/PatKrane Thorn - http://twitter.com/Thornbrow Sharku - http://twitter.com/Sharku_CTR Join us at http://converttoraid.com for everything CTR!

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